Something else I’m passionate about

Something else I'm passionate about

I’ve been playing piano for about 5 years now. I can honestly say that I play fairly well. I’ve been playing for my church for maybe two years now. When I play the piano it’s just something so amazing. I feel like “yes, finally, I’m good at something” I feel important when I sit down and play. But something I’ve realized lately is that, life is almost like creating a new song. In a song you need to think a lot about what you want to tell the world. You need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Sometimes you need to play through the whole song with or without mistakes just to make sure you get through it. Songs take a while to compose. You need to be patient and wait because you can’t just put anything into a song just like that. Life is just like creating a new song. You need to practice, be patient, and go through things with or without mistakes to make sure you can you can go through it.
-photo by me 🙂 I hope you all like it.


Why do people care so much about money?

I don’t understand why people have to be gloating about how much they spent “on this” or “that”. I hear so much of this at my school and it just makes me so upset because I think about all those other kids who’s parents probably make just about minimum wage and can’t afford anything that expensive.. Like it makes me so angry. But I honestly can say that to those people who think that the best things in life is having money, and you know who you are, this world we live in is only temporary so that money and expensive things you have, is temporary and won’t mean a thing when you leave this earth. I mean like really, try doing something meaningful with your life!!!