How I spent my fathers day yesterday.

IMG_3677IMG_3573IMG_3614I’ve never really had my dad in life, but its okay because I have friends and my mom. Although I didn’t get to take a picture with her yesterday… haha but its okay. I always know that my mom does her best to take care of me and my sister. Shes the best dad any one could have! (:

Dominican Republic lawmakers pass citizenship bill

I understand that the Haitian was a problem to the Dominicans, but I didn’t like the idea that was even sending those who were born in the DR back to Haiti. That just wasn’t fair. I’m glad that now Medina has granted their citizenship. It makes me happy for them.

Voice of Arewa

Dominican-born children of Haitian descent had urged President Danilo Medina to grant them citizenship
The Dominican senate has unanimously approved a bill which will set up a system to grant citizenship to Dominican-born children of immigrants.
The bill had already been approved by the lower…

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